What Exactly Causes Wrinkles?

A wrinkle or fold is considered as a sign of aging process. But nowadays due to stressful life even youngsters are getting wrinkles on their face. Basically wrinkles start appearing when the skin loses elasticity and has shortage of moisture. There are effective wrinkle treatments to completely remove wrinkles from the face, but they are expensive procedure. For millions of people using anti aging wrinkle cream is the only respite available for cheap. Again coming back to the previous question, what causes wrinkles and why only certain people are affected, let us try to find some answers.

Causes of wrinkles

Causes of wrinkles

As said earlier, the skin loses collagen and moisture as one grows old and this may lead to the formation of wrinkles medically. But there are several other factors which may contribute to wrinkle formation.

  • Sunlight
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • The process of aging
  • Underlying disease
  • Food and lifestyle habit

Exposure to sun

Repeated exposure to sun tans the skin totally. The parts which are more exposed to sunlight are face and upper side of hands when compared to other parts. Some people who wear dresses which do not cover their legs and hip area may get skin tanning in those parts easily. The powerful UV rays of the sun may destroy the collagen in the skin causing wrinkles at early age.

Lack of Vitamin D

When the food you eat does not contain Vitamin D it may affect your skin causing wrinkles. Using anti aging wrinkle creams can better the situation by reducing the lines and furrows.


Aging process is one of the important factors for wrinkle. The skin loses moisture and starts sagging after some age. The skin may look like an inflated balloon, once it has no collagen factor. It is quite common to get wrinkles as you grow 50 or 60 and nothing can be done to prevent it. You may reduce the symptoms and intensity of problem by using creams after reading wrinkle creams review.


People who have chronic problems like diabetes and hypertension have fluctuation in insulin levels. High insulin discharge may cause inflammation on the skin producing wrinkles. You need not have to worry how to treat wrinkles on the face, since there are number of treatments available and it is for you to choose the best.


Smoking and consuming alcohol may make one prone to lose elasticity from the skin, which may cause wrinkles. Once you know what causes wrinkles then it is better to stop having alcohol and quit smoking. The way of dressing can make you more exposed to sunlight which may tan the skin causing wrinkles. Avoid going out in the hot sun or wear alternative protective clothing to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. People who are using salty water daily may get wrinkles soon.

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